Where the MadMoney goes

Where the MadMoney goes is intended to promote the proximity shopping by helping entrepreneurs to make decisions about which kind of commerce could make sense in the areas they are thinking to set up a business (and start a new adventure!)

The data is based only in the payments made with a BBVA credit card. Take into account that the payments in the small shops might be underrepresented.


Which insights are you able to find out?

* El Corte Inglés, Zara, Shopping Centers, Specialized Shopping Centers (Ikea, Leroy Merlin…)

Homework, after exploring the data

Forgetting about competing with big companies…


Could you think in some product or service that make sense to offer in your area?


( Hint )

Maybe something they buy far from their houses but not in the big companies stores?


Some examples

51% of people from Villaverde Alto (postal code 28021) buy their sports stuff and toys outside their neighborhood, where there is not any big company store! Only 6% of the purchases are inside the neighborhood!


What about the fashion? In the Ibiza area (postal code 28009) 70% of the money stays in the same area or goes where there is no big company store.



Explore and find out!